Landscape Architecture Projects

Landscape Architecture Projects

Have you ever felt that there are spaces built in such harmony with the landscape that they have the power to give us this balance? Planning is critical to make these sites special, and it all depends on the quality of the landscape architecture project. The landscape architecture gives life to spaces and constructions, making them aesthetically more attractive. But planning green spaces goes far beyond aesthetics: it encompasses functionality, enhancement of the quality of life of those with whom it interacts, and long-term sustainability, whether of the enterprise itself or of the city / town where it is located.

Why are our landscape architecture projects so special?


Our vision of landscapes is a functional work of art, where the buildings are harmonized with the environment that surrounds them, in constant relation with the environment. This vision, which we put into each project, coupled with the vision of the client, allows us to create something truly special.


A full service

Our service is complete since we have a team with diverse skills, from the area of planning, architecture, urbanism and design, to the environment, agriculture and biology fields. We create a team for each project, according to the needs and specificities of the project.



Each customer is unique as well as every project we produce. We develop your study or project with a high degree of personalization, guaranteeing the maximization of the potential of the territory.

Porque optar pela APROplan

Follow-up of the process from the project to the closing.

Extensive experience in landscape architecture projects to rural tourism, housing, gardens and parks.

An increase in the possibility of obtaining financing, when applicable.

Multidisciplinary team in the area of architecture, landscaping, environment and rural development.

In what area are we specialized?

Our landscape architecture service allows us to create projects for:

  • Gardens
  • Urban parks
  • Footpaths
  • Allotments and housing
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of historic gardens

Who is this service for?

We develop projects for:

  • Private Customers
  • City Councils
  • Architecture firms
  • Tourism Units

We want to know more about your idea

Do you want to carry out a landscape architecture project? Learn how we can contribute to materialize your idea and realize it with the quality and creativity you want!!

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