In the cold season, the comfort of having a garden which maintains the color and the life of the house, configuring a quiet and intimate space, is a privilege that contributes greatly to the quality of life of the residents, and for this reason many people choose to create a winter garden.

In the case of offices and workspaces, winter gardens are excellent options for creating places where you can relax, have a coffee or take a break for breakfast. They are an excellent alternative to the traditional canopy, allowing contact with nature when this is not possible due to the weather outside.


How to start?

The success of the creation of a winter garden begins with the choice and adaptation of the place, since most of these gardens are indoors. After ensuring that optimal conditions for plant growth are created, the correct choice must be made using available light, water, soil and temperature conditions. It implies the deep knowledge of the plants, so as to ensure that each species is chosen specifically for the place where it is intended, considering its texture, flowering and colors.

The use of greenhouses, glazed or acrylic covers are possible solutions to prepare the space. One of the main advantages of the winter garden is its ability to adapt to the conditions of housing, and its size can be as small as a simple green wall (a vertical garden).

The importance of details in setting up a winter garden

JARDIM de INVERNO - jardim vertical

The details are especially important, because of their small size, these gardens gain interest in the harmony and balance of materials and plants used, their distribution, size, quantities, textures and colors being essential aspects to consider in their design.

Being an intimate space, usually located in the interior of the house, the winter garden has a very close relationship with the residents, and should be designed to meet their expectations and needs. Resting chairs, sculptural elements or water elements help create the ideal environment to relax, read a book or spend a little time talking to family and friends. For horticultural lovers there is room for benches or flowerbeds destined to the cultivation of plants.

All other details of the space should be designed thinking of the optimization for the users, and in maximizing the aesthetic quality of the garden. The combination of inert materials such as gravel or pebble to cover the soil and wood or stone for the circulation areas is crucial for the balance of the whole which is the winter garden.

The decoration of the space resorting to woods, fireplaces, personalized pots, green walls and winter flowering plants, allow to increase the comfort and interest of the garden, and are often used in projects done by landscape architects.



Valuing spaces with little utility

Often the winter garden is a great way to optimize and give value to places that in itself are not very useful. They are common cases where they occupy stairwells, small divisions, halls or courtyards with skylights. In this way it is possible to enjoy corners that are usually sloppy to give a touch of originality and life to the dwelling.


Do you want to have your winter garden designed by a professional? Our landscape architects will be happy to know more about your idea and make it come true!